Whatsapp stopped the new policy but will still keep this data, know how safe you are?

Whatsapp New Policy: New Delhi. WhatsApp has now made a provision to change it from May 15 to February 8, avoiding heavy opposition to the new privacy policy. A large number of users shifted to Telegram and Signal due to opposition to the new WhatsApp policy. According to the data, 25 million users increased on Telegram in just 3 days. At the same time, the user shifted so fast on the signal app that the app started having problems in user response. It took two days for the signal to correct this problem.

WhatsApp was forcibly getting consent from users

Facebook-owned WhatsApp became a victim of public anger when it launched its new privacy policy. In this policy, WhatsApp talked about sharing the data with Facebook. For this, notifications started coming to WhatsApp users that if the users do not agree on the new policy till February 8, then their account will be closed. Apparently, WhatsApp was forcing consumers to forcefully consent to this new policy.This was the reason that WhatsApp users started shifting to other platforms like Signal and Telegram, after which WhatsApp took this step.

WhatsApp also clarified that it still stands today with the same principle of privacy of people, in which WhatsApp says that the conversation you have with your family and friends is only between you and no third can read it. is.

What did WhatsApp say in its explanation?

WhatsApp also said that its new privacy policy is aimed at users with business accounts.The explanation that WhatsApp has given on its website states “WhatsApp was built on a very general idea, that what you share with your friends and family lives among you. It means that we are your personal The conversation will always be protected from end-to-end encryption, so that WhatsApp or Facebook cannot see these private messages. That’s why we don’t keep logs of everyone’s messaging or calling.We cannot even see the location you shared and we do not share the contacts (numbers of people) included in your list with Facebook. “This update does not extend any ability to share data with Facebook,” reads the update.

How much truth in whatsapp?

After this cleaning of WhatsApp, many users must have started thinking that they should return to WhatsApp again. One, there was a problem in the signal for a couple of days, the user also had a problem, at least if the user showed displeasure, then WhatsApp responded and talked to the user on the problem.

But there is no need to be more happy with this. The fact is that WhatsApp has already shared a lot of information about the user with Facebook. If WhatsApp writes in its explanation that this update does not extend the ability to share data with Facebook in any way, it means that WhatsApp has already been sharing data with Facebook. Now this limit can be months or even years.

This also does not mean that there is no misunderstanding here. Like, often people will ask you when to go to signal or whatsapp read our group and private conversation? So the answer is no. Your message cannot be read. However, if someone hacks your phone or extracts data from your cloud, then that is an exception.(Many users save their conversations on the cloud.) WhatsApp performs all of your conversations on an end-to-end encryption, as does signaling, whereas it does not on Telegram. For this, you have to choose the secret chat option on Telegram.

What WhatsApp takes this data from you ?

Despite this there are many facts which still need to be worried. Recently a picture went viral in which it was told that which app is collecting so much information. In this, where the signal was not collecting any data, WhatsApp takes information about your purchase, financial transactions, location, contact, content, usage data, identity and diagnostic.

Even though it has stopped the new privacy policy for a few days, but this is something in which WhatsApp has not made any changes yet.

Since 2016, WhatsApp has been sharing a lot of user data with Facebook and it will continue. If you look carefully at the part related to its privacy policy, then it is said that Facebook can use your data to give more accurate information about you. It can be understood that if you go to the store of a particular fitness brand, then at some time, the fitless producer’s ads can appear on your Facebook page and the same can happen on your Instagram.

Government of India is considering data protection law

This is not the only thing. Even though these companies are doing this in India, but in countries where there are strict privacy laws, like in Europe, there are changes in their rules. The Government of India has been considering the Data Protection Act for many years. After several efforts, the government brought the data security bill last year but could not proceed on it.Last month, BJP MP Rajiv Chandrasekhar said that the Joint Parliamentary Committee will study the bill which means that it may take longer.

During this time, even if WhatsApp changes its stand on the new privacy policy, the data share will continue with Facebook. In such a situation, if someone switches from WhatsApp to signal, it is correct, but it does not make it right that your private conversation is being read on WhatsApp. But one thing has to be understood, if we want the protection of privacy, then laws will have to be made in the country for that and this work will not be done by any company but the government.

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