Whatsapp New Update Features 2021

What is the best way to chat with your friends? WhatsApp!

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. With over 1 billion users, it’s clear that people love this app. In 2021, there are going to be 20 new features and tricks for WhatsApp that will change chatting forever. This article covers all of them so you’re ready when they come out.

We all know that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. But, did you know how much it has changed in recent years? In this post, we will explore 20 new features coming to WhatsApp by 2021! These new features include things like video chat and voice messages. Read on for more information about these exciting changes.

 How to use the new whatsapp update 2021

If you have opened into the app’s beta release, go ahead and update the app to get the latest 2021 edition. If you are on an old version of WhatsApp, don’t worry. The update will automatically migrate your chats from Android versions 2.3 Gingerbread or lower (and older iOS versions) onto the new WhatsApp moving forward.

Which means that there is no need to delete chats in old apps, or uninstall them for that matter. The new update is a visual refresh that makes it easier to get the important messages and communications. It means better grouping of contacts, easy access to popular contacts, three new-look chat bubbles, three icons for ‘text’, ‘video call’ and ‘live video call.’ To switch on the update tap on settings then go to general settings and under “Software version” choose “Latest Version.”

Best features of the new whatsapp update 2021

The new Whatsapp update for 2021 is the one thing you need to download today. There have been many changes in this latest release, including:

  • The ability to edit what’s on your status bar with a few quick taps of the screen and pin it there until you’re ready; so now updating without having to stop or go back won’t be an issue! 
  • Unlimited Group Memberships- You can now have an unlimited number of group members in any chat, so you’re not limited by your phone’s storage capabilities! Plus with 3 different levels for permissions and privacy settings it will be easy to control who sees what discussion or album post when they join a specific group. 
  • Custom Photos as Chat Emojis – We all love emoji but sometimes we need something more personal than just sending that smiley face icon or thumbs up sign over text messages and social media chats, right? With custom photos as emojis on this update there are no limits–you could send someone a photo from your vacation last year .

With all these improvements coming up, whatsapps newest features are sure going make texting more efficient than ever before.

Tips for saving data while using whatsapp

Whatsapp can save your data when you follow a few simple steps. If the app is running in an active window on your phone, it might be using up all of that precious mobile data coverage. To avoid this problem . Here are some tips to help conserve that precious resource. The first tip is turning off the auto-download feature, which can be done by going into Settings > Data Usage and then tapping Auto-Download Updates. Next, make sure not to leave messages unread when they come in as this will download them automatically without prompting for a user’s permission.

How to Change your status to “Do not disturb” in Whatsapp ?

There are a few different ways to change your status in WhatsApp, depending on the function you want. If you’re looking for an option that will not let any of your contacts contact or message with you until and unless they send another “status” request. To start, open the app and tap on the menu button. You will see a list of different options that include chatting with friends from your contact lists or composing new messages.

Tap on Settings which is located in-between two buttons labeled Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions . After tapping this option, scroll down until you find an area called Do Not Disturb (DND) Notification Options where it states: Allow Reminders for Calls From My Contacts Only; Enable Shhh Mode Now! The first one allows only calls from contacts while enabling shh mode now silences all notifications including alerts about missed phone calls. That’s how easy it is to use Do not Disturb in Whatsapp.

Use Whatsapp’s new ‘quick share’ feature with any file type, such as PDFs or Word Documents :-

Whatsapp has just introduced a new feature that allows you to share any type of file with your contacts on the app. Whether it’s something as simple as an image, or even more complicated like invoices and PDFs – Whatsapp will automatically convert them into their appropriate format before sending!

WhatsApp is one step ahead once again by bringing in this brand-new update: Quick Share for document files such as Word Documents and Excel Spreadsheets. Now when uploading documents from other apps such Chrome Browser, users can now easily send these docs through WhatsApp seamlessly without having to attach them manually every time they’re sent off via email or text message. no need for conversion anymore either because everything gets converted instantly.

How to set up Voice Call on WhatsApp ?

A new update for WhatsApp is rolling out. This time, the focus was to make it easier and more intuitive on how you set up voice calls from your contacts list. Now instead of tapping a contact’s name over and over again until their phone starts ringing or sending them a text in order to chat via video call, all you need do now is tap “Call” next to that person’s number with one finger! Isn’t this great? Just another way social media has made communication so much easier between our friends at home as well as abroad – something we can take advantage of when traveling too.

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