What is Youtube Shorts ?

YouTube Shorts is an extension of YouTube which enables video creators to create short, creative videos that are only 15 seconds in length. It was launched on October 26, 2016 and has been available for use by all users since November 10, 2017. The goal of the YouTube Shorts program is to help video creators find new ways to express themselves while maximizing their time and creativity. This article will discuss what YouTube Shorts are and how you can use them as a content creator.

YouTube Shorts is a new feature that allows you to create and share short video messages with your subscribers. They work just like regular videos, but they’re designed for what we call “micro-moments.”

They typically range from 15 seconds to 60 seconds in length, but there is no set time limit for what qualifies as a “short.” There are many different kinds of shorts that people upload: tutorials, comedy sketches, advertisements – even music videos! In this post we will talk about what youtube shorts are and how they can help your business grow.

what is youtube shorts ?

Ever since Tiktok was banned in India, the people on the internet have been looking for a new short video app to consume. On public demand, recently Youtube has also launched its own short video features called “YouTube Short”. you will be able to find this function inside their app itself if you don’t need to install any extra app.

What devices is Youtube Shorts available for?

Friends Youtube Shorts Feature is currently in Beta Version and only available in Android and iOS Devices. This means you can enjoy this feature on your smartphone, tablet or iPhone but not on PCs, notebooks or iPads at the moment.

How to make a youtube short video

YouTube is a great way to showcase your talents and connect with people. But if you’re not sure how, here’s how. Find an interesting topic and do your research on it first! Choose the best camera angle for what is being filmed based off of where people will be watching from (a close up can make someone’s face look big while zooming out might show more). And use editing software to stitch together all the footage into one cohesive story so that viewers don’t get bored by too many cuts or shots in quick succession.

Here are the simple steps to making your own youtube video. A great way for social networking is by recording a quick vlog or short clip of yourself and posting it on YouTube with some hashtags like #selfie,#funnyvideo etc., these could also be used as part of an intro into a longer video that you want to upload later (like when we show our face before jumping in).

1)Find something interesting – such as showcasing all the cool things from around campus.

2)Turn on camera .

3)Press record.


5)”Say Cheese”.

6)’Hang loose’.

7)’What’s up?’.

8) anything else funny/interesting! .

9 )Click stop.



What are the benefits of making a youtube short video

The benefits of making a youtube short video are endless. One can promote their business, share creative ideas with the world, and even help get your favorite songs out to more people!

A Youtube Short Video is like an advert for you or your company on social media that lasts under 5 minutes long! You also have the opportunity to show off what makes you unique as well as inspire others by sharing creative thoughts through videos because it’s much easier than reading about them in text form.

Making a youtube video will give you an opportunity to show off your personality. You can capture moments that would otherwise be forgotten or lost in the shuffle of everyday life, and share them with others who are feeling like they’re not living their best lives either.

Using short videos to promote your brand can be like getting a ton of free advertising. You don’t need any fancy equipment, and you get an opportunity for some creative freedom with the editing process.

How can I get started with my own YouTube channel and start making videos ?

The following article will provide you with the necessary steps to successfully create and maintain your own YouTube channel. If done correctly, this can be a very lucrative endeavor for many people!

How does one start their own Youtube Channel ?

First of all, it’s important that you understand how much work goes into maintaining an active streaming account on youtube which is almost 24/7. Secondly, there are certain equipment needs like high internet speed (type) as well as good quality capturing devices such as cameras or VR headsets in order to produce higher-quality videos before posting them online. Finally once those items have been adequately researched then uploading should begin by first shooting footage using appropriate methods according at what type of video they’re trying to make – whether its personal, funny,sports etc.

Also Vlog is becoming popular and you are in luck because this article has a lot of great information for those who want to make their own YouTube channel with live streaming.

After this you should be ready get started with uploading content right away! Just pick something simple or creative.

Tips for creating successful YouTube videos that will generate income and views

There are many ways to make a successful and engaging YouTube video. Here are some helpful tips that will up your chances at success!

If you create videos on YouTube, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, it is important not only to produce quality content but also know your audience and what they want. Secondly, the type of equipment used will determine how successful your video can be – for example if you invest more money into high-quality cameras as opposed to microphones or lighting kits then people might prefer watching those particular types of videos over others just because they enjoy seeing higher production values when viewing them online (or should I say “online”).

After you have finished filming, edit out the bad parts or mistakes by pausing on them for 10 seconds while making sure there is no sound coming through. Make sure every shot has a purpose and use something eye-catching as an opening so people watch it all the way through with anticipation of what’s next (e.g., introduce yourself). End with an interesting question that leaves viewers wanting more videos in order to answer their curiosity like “What advice would you give me about my life?” Lastly, pay attention to lighting because this can change everything from moods/emotions displayed within frames .

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