Send such missing messages on Signal, its feature is older than Whatsapp

According to a report by mobile device analyst firm Tower, Instant Messaging Apps Signal received 1.78 crore downloads between January 1 and January 5. On the other hand, the number of WhatsApp downloads is decreasing. This is happening due to the new privacy policy of WhatsApp coming soon. A large number of users are creating accounts on Signal Apps except for WhatsApp.

If you also use the signal or are planning to do it, then we are telling you about its disappearing messages feature. The function of this feature is to make the message disappear. This feature has already come up in WhatsApp, but it has been given on the signal much earlier. WhatsApp’s message disappears after 7 days, but on the signal it disappears according to the scheduled time.

The signal app has the feature of end to end encryption, but to a large extent your privacy depends on the person receiving the message. For this reason, the feature of dispensing messages was brought. Through this, you can send photos, videos and GIF files in addition to text messages. Users can choose any time from 5 seconds to 1 week. This time starts after the receiver sees the message.

  • Send dispensing messages like this on signal
  • After opening the Signal app, go to the chat for which the feature is to be started.
  • Now tap on the name of the contact, which will open the chat settings.
  • Tap on Disappearing messages.
  • Set the message timer between 5 seconds to 1 week and do OK.
  • Now come back to chat. Here you will see an alert message that this feature has been enabled.
  • An icon of the timer will also appear on the messages sent through it.

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