Now Hike StickerChat closed, know what the company told users

The Indian messaging app Hike StickerChat has been discontinued and is not present on Google PlayStore and Apple’s App Store. On January 6, Kavin Bharti Mittal, CEO of Hike StickerChat, announced the closure of the app. He tweeted that ‘Today we are announcing that we will close the sticker chat on January 21. We thank all of you for your trust. We could not reach here without you. All your data will be available for download in the app.

Tweeted on 14 January (Tweeted on 14 January)

On 14 January, artificial intelligence-powered Indian unicorn tweeted about the app’s closure and said that ‘finally it’s time for us to bid farewell to the hike stickerchat’. Thank you for your love, trust and support. Our relationship with you is the world for us and therefore we are eager to see you on our new and exciting app. The company issued a statement to its users and said that they should export their chats from their platform by 11:59 pm on January 14, 2021. You can contact us at for any issue till 15 February 2021.

Users are turning to Signal, Telegram

Bharti Enterprises’ home-based app was a competitor to WhatsApp in the Indian messaging system. There are reports of Hike StickerChat being discontinued amid privacy news about WhatsApp. Because of which users are turning to Signal and Telegram. Mittal also said that unless the company is banned in the country, Indian messaging apps cannot compete with Telegram and Signal.

Hike’s new Products for 2021 for 2021

The reasons for its closure have not been known. At the same time, Mittal has introduced new products of Hike for 2021 – Rush and Vibe, formerly known as Hikland. Rush will be a gaming platform that will also feature games like Carrom and Ludo. While HikeLand has been developed for Vibe, which is now just a Community Platform. Which means that users have to apply to join the service.

Users expressed their displeasure

The users of the app are upset with all these things and are expressing their displeasure over other products of Hike on the Playstore. ‘I have been using the hike since launch. I will really miss the Hike and its interface. It was very good and one of the most liked applications for a chat ‘. At the same time, another user said ‘I am feeling sad at its closure’.

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