How to Install Chrome Extension in Mobile?

If you have a little bit of interest in technology then you must know about extensions or add-ons.

If you use the Chrome browser on your device, you can find that it has extension that you can use. However, if you use the Chrome browser on your Android phone, you will not have the option of installing any extensions.

With the help of Extension, you can count word’s on webpage, One-Click translate from any laungage. This is very beneficial to us. This is something that any blogger should have. In a previous post, I maintained most Useful Extensions that every Internet user must have On
thier browser but in this post we explore how to use chrome extension On your Android mobile phone.

On the Internet, there are several smartphone browsers available to use but they don’t have any option to use extension to solve this problem I am maintaining the step by step process to Install Chrome Extension in Mobile?

How to Install Chrome Extension in Mobile?

It is really simple to install Chrome Extension on a mobile phone. Only you have to install a app named kiwi browser from play store. By installing, you can get as many plugins or add-ons as Chrome Browser. You can put them all on your phone or tablet.

  1. First open google play store on Android phone. And search for “kiwi Browser “. Which is around 18MB in size.
  2. Once the kisi Browser is downloaded, install and open it.
  3. Now Search below link on your browser””.
  4. Chrome web Store will open where you can download all your needed extension
  5. Put the name of the extension in that box. Like we need google translate. So I am
    searching “google translate” will come up with the words “Add To Chrome”. Click on it.
  6. Then a pop-up will open. Click on “Add Extension” here. Extension will be installed after few seconds.

This is how Chrome Extensions are installed on a mobile device. This approach has been taught in a straightforward manner here. Now it’s time to learn how to use Chrome Extension Add-ons. This is how the Chrome Browser Extension works on a mobile device

How to use Chrome Extensions in Android Mobile?

Now The question is: how do you use Chrome Extension in your browser? We’ll teach you how to use it. To begin, let’s look at how to use an extension phone. In Mobile, I installed the “google translate” Extension in above demonstration. You can also check for and instal other
Extensions in the same way. You may also make use of it.

Now you’re probably wondering how you’ll use Extension on your mobile device. I’ll show you how to use google translate Extensions in this tutorial. Those who are familiar with and may make use of other extensions.

  1. First open your kiwi browser, To use google translate lets open wikipedia page
  2. Go to 3 Dot. After that, the extension will be maintained.
  3. After that the option of “google translate” will appear. Click on it
  4. Finally done wikipedia Page is translated from english to hindi.
  5. We have shown you how to install and use chrome extension into your Android phone. You can install any other extensions by following maintained steps

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