How to do Video Calling from Jio Phone?

JioPhone is a new phone by Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio. The single most impressive feature of this phone is that it can do video calling without any additional device or app. This article will show you how to use the video calling feature on your JioPhone. You should know that this only works for other JIO Phone users, but if you have one, then read on to find out more!

Video calling has become a popular mode of communication these days. With the advancement in technology, there are now many platforms which offer video call services. JioPhone is one such platform that provides users with an easy way to do video calls from their smartphones. Read on for some important information about how to do video calling on your JioPhone!

There are certain things you need before you can start doing video calls with your friends and family using the JioPhone app:

Jio has made video calls from your phone easy, but did you know that it’s not just about which app to download. You need a few things before getting started as well: an internet connection in the country of residence and either JioFi or Wi-fi service at home for when they’re unavailable elsewhere.

The JioPhone app is making it easier for you to stay connected with loved ones on your phone. To get started, just make sure that the following are all set up:

  • An active data connection
  • A registered phone number
  • The latest version of the app installed on your device
  • Your Wi-Fi and data connection should be enabled in settings (Settings icon > Data usage)
  • You must have a SIM card installed inside of your JioPhone device from any telecom company other than Airtel or Vodafone – If not then contact customer support at 18001039999  to see if they can help install one for you.

How to do Video Calling from Jio Phone?

You can now video call from your Jio Phone and it’s as simple as ever. It only takes a few steps to get started with this new feature. It is possible to make video call from jio phone by downloading JIO MESSENGER. Follow the following steps-

  • Download the latest version of Jio Messenger.
  • Open it and go to Video Calling options on top right side corner.
  • On clicking video calling, list of contacts with active video calling will be displayed. Select a contact and click on ‘Video Call’ button. Contact will receive notification for an incoming call and select Accept or Decline the request as you like.
  • This functionality would work only if both parties are using JIO SIMS and registered in Jio Chat application with their current mobile number(or) has same mobile number registered on different sim cards for calling.

Q 1. Is Jio video call free?

Answer: No, using Jio video call will result in a deduction of 100MB from the plan data limit.

Using Jio video call is an entirely no charge activity as long as you have spare data left on your plan. To enjoy the process free of cost be sure to monitor your usage and connect when you’re under your quota threshold- if not, a deduction of 100MB will apply. In case the platform was switched off for some reason or it’s about to end (e.g.- there are just 3 days left before renewal) and customers don’t want any charges incurred by recharging their account, it is best not to use its services now until another day comes with more sufficient allotted space for one’s internet needs.

Q 2. Can video call be done without Internet?

Answer: Yes. Video call can be done without the Internet by using a cellular phone, wifi networks or other high capacity network connections. These connections will allow both parties to communicate with each other and the connection is much more secure than using an Internet connection.

Video call can be achieved even in places where there’s no internet service at all because it does not require any internet connection to work. Cell phones are actually capable of video calling one another via wireless protocol like bluetooth or wifi typically used for transferring data online – this means someone could exactly have a decent conversation with a relative from their own home without any form of connectivity whatsoever and that having excellent signal on your cell phone will enable you to do a video call even.

Q 3. Is Jio video call safe?

Answer: Jio video call is safe and will not breach your privacy because it is encrypted at 128 bits. Additional layers of encryption take place to make sure the data stays encrypted while in transit over IP networks. Data packets are authenticated and re-encrypted from one computer or router to another, making them impossible to intercept on an unsecured Wi-Fi network. Additionally, your data cannot be altered or tampered with by a hacker sitting on the same public wireless network as you when using Jio video call’s proprietary key management protocol for authentication and encryption.

Jio Video Call has been developed in partnership with leading security experts such that they know how strong their products need to be in order to maintain data privacy and protection systems.

Q 4. How to Enable Video Calling in Jio Phone?

Answer: The Jio Phone 4G is a device that enables video calling. If you use it, it can be helpful to configure the following settings in order to set up your account and make calls.

To turn on Video Calling, key in the following sequence: Press → Settings → Software Updates → Update Now; when the phone sends for confirmation message, click YES and select “Video call” from “What do I want.

” Then press ↵ Enter ↵ at top right corner of screen to confirm your selection. The process may take a little bit of time based on network connectivity so be patient. Once it’s complete we will see a notification saying “Software updates successfully installed!” followed by some additional information.

Conclusion :

The Jio Phone is an affordable, 4G LTE enabled smartphone that’s perfect for those looking to make the jump from a feature phone or basic Android device. It comes with all of your favorite apps and services pre-installed so you can stay connected in style. With video calling being one of its most popular features.

In this article, we discussed how to do video calling from Jio Phone. We hope you’ve been able to learn all the steps needed for a seamless experience while making and receiving phone calls on your JioPhone device. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries or doubts in mind.

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