How to Check PNR Status by Whatsapp ?

A lot of people are using Whatsapp as their primary form of communication. It’s convenient, and it’s free on most platforms. But sometimes you’re not able to check your PNR status from the app.

If you are traveling and want to know your PNR status on Whatsapp, then this article is for you! It will teach you how to check pnr status on whatsapp. In the past, travelers had to stand in long queues at railway stations or airports just to get their ticket checked. Nowadays with technology like smartphones and apps, checking your PNR has never been easier. 

The Indian Railways has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. It seems like every day there is a new story about how someone’s train was delayed by hours or cancelled altogether.

This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’re travelling on a tight schedule and really need to get somewhere! One of the most common questions people ask when these delays occur is “How do I check my PNR status?” If this sounds like something you want answered, then read on!

What is a PNR number ?

The PNR is an acronym for Passenger Name Record. It’s a number that airlines use to identify passengers on their flights, trains.

A PNR number is a thirteen digit code that’s found on the back of every ticket. It stands for passenger name record and it contains all your information such as travel dates, seat numbers, company contact info in case there are any issues etc.

Basically if you’re traveling anywhere with someone else who has their own seats then these two people need to have different tickets or at least one needs to be named differently than the other so they can find each other faster when getting off the plane.

How to check pnr status through Whatsapp ?

Get on the train, you’ll find out! But if your destination is not clear yet and you need a few more minutes before boarding in order for another text reply from someone who knows what’s up with daily departures and arrivals or alternate routes as well – there are many ways of getting this information.

Yeah right, I’m sure like me everyone has had their share of anxieties about missing trains due to delayed announcements (or because they weren’t paying attention). So it can be helpful when checking last-minute changes online just isn’t enough; that way we’re less likely being left behind at the station waiting around aimlessly until something turns our way again.

On a slow internet connection, sometimes it can be difficult to check whether your train is running on time or not. A recent survey found that out of every 10 people who had checked their status via WhatsApp PNR Status technique, If you’re interested in using this for yourself and here are some tips :

Step 1) Save 7349389104 in your contacts (this number belongs to Make My Trip). You could save it under any name– PNR Status or Train Status will work best since you’ll easily remember what it’s there for!

Step 2) Open up Whatsapp and search by whichever contact was saved with all of its data stored inside. Now just type ‘pnr’ into the message box followed by enter.

Why should I know my PNR number ?

Knowing your PNR number is crucial for booking tickets and identifying the tickets when you arrive at the counter. You also need to remember it in case there are any queries.

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, which is one of the pieces of information required for nearly every air ticket purchase. Other pieces include passenger birth date, seat preferences, baggage requirements and so on – pretty much everything about you that a travel agent needs to send you a ticket and let you board an airplane with no problems.

The term “PNR” itself illustrates its importance: recognizing this code as part of your personal identification can save travelers from headaches while making arrangements for flight itineraries or hotel bookings.

Check PNR Status with the help of SMS or Internet

“It’s super simple to check your own PNR status using an SMS service. This is what you do:

1) make sure you know the PNR number from where you want to check the status 

2) send a message with “PNR Status” as a subject line and include the full ten digits of your PNR number in the body of your text Upon receipt, we will return to you with specific information about your ticket at no charge.” 

The best way to find out is through customer care email which will be available on their website. However, if there is no such help online they have a phone number that can be used for all enquiry.

Internet :

Type in “PNR check” on google and click on one of the links that come up that claim to be sponsored by Indian Railways. You will find an online form which provides all details related to your selected journey including the start point and destination station, date of departure, scheduled arrival time at intermediary stations as well as reservation type (where applicable). Click on “Show Journey” button and you will receive a prompt message informing you if your PNR is confirmed or not. 

Phone Query : 

Call 1 9604 61562

Conclusion Paragraph

 You can also call (1-800-766-7828). We hope this blog post has helped answer any questions about how a PNR works and why knowing your own personal number may be beneficial for both travel and managing an account online.

If you have any suggestions on other topics that could help travelers in some way why knowing about it may be beneficial in the future ,please feel free to leave the comment below or simply fill us our contact us form we reply you within 6-7 hours. As always we appreciate feedback from all of our readers! Thank You for reading .

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