How to change language in whatsapp ?

Hello guys, welcome to our blog. Hope you all well. In this article we will discussed about the our topic ( How to change WhatsApp Language?). So now we starts our topic.

In this article you will understand how to use WhatsApp in other languages,or how to change chat language in a simple manner. Guys, I’m sure that you all are using WhatsApp messengers because it is most using messenging programme across all over the world.

However do you know how to use it in Indian languages or in the other languages? WhatsApp is used by a vast number of people in India or other countries. So, the whatsApp provided the feature to change your languages as of your choice. If you didn’t know how to do this don’t worry in this article I will tell you how you can change languages in whatsApp easily step by step.

How to change language in whatsapp step by step

You can change the Language in your whatsApp as follows this :-

Step 1 :-

To be doing WhatsApp language into indian language or other languages. Firstly open your WhatsApp in your device . Now you have to Choose Menu (three dots) and then again go to the Settings option. As illustrated in the image :-

Step 2 :-

After clicking on Setting option you will get many options in the menu. Now you have to choose the Chat option. Follow As illustrated in the image :-

Step 3 :-

After Doing step 2 that is clicking on chat option. Now you have to click on Apps language option to proceed the change of language of whatsapp. As same as shown in the image below :-

Step 4 :-

After doing the third step that is clicking on apps language option you will get the so much different languages option in a list in front of your screen of your device . Now You have to choose one of the language of your choice. And your whatsApp language change to the that language that you selected. As follow as shown in Image below :-

Step 5 :-

Finally Done, Now your whatsApp language changes to other language that you wanted of your choice.

How you type whatsApp chat or message into other languages?

Here we will show you two different methods to type whatsapp chat or message in another languages, which you may use to type daily in that language.

First method :-

Step 1:- First, go to your settings menu and scroll down to the language and input section.

Step 2:- You may now change the language of your phone from here, but if you want to write in another languages in Whatsapp, just go keyboard & input method and select all of the keyboards installed on your phone.

Step 3:- If you want to change your phone’s keyboard, you can do so by clicking on the current keyboard. However, if you want to know how can you type in other languages in whatsapp , you can do so by clicking on Android keyboard, which is located just below the current keyboard. Click on it and select languages.

Step 4:- Now you can see all of the languages available in the Android keyboard. You can write in the languages listed below on your Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or anywhere else. However, if you want to write messages in language of your choice in your WhatsApp, you must first enable the language option which you choose(you can enable multiple languages at the same time). Once you’ve reached the languages section, scroll down and select the enable button next to the selected language of your choice, which will allow the language in your Android keyboard.

Step 5:- Now that your task is done, you may navigate to the app where you wish to type in another language. We hope you have reached out to me on Whatsapp. Now, go to that contact and click to type message, and an android keyboard will appear in front of you, with English coming to type me, and if you pay attention, you will see that an additional option has appeared in the keyboard, which is circular.

Step 5 :- You can select this circular option by clicking on it. Your English keyboard will be transformed to a other keyboard by clicking on it. That is to say, you can now type in that language of your choice on WhatsApp and speak with your friends and family with that language.

Second method

Step 1 :-You will need to download a keyboard specifically for this, and if you use this keyboard in your whatsapp or any other type in other languages, you will be able to type extremely quickly and maybe save time.

1. Go to the Play Store and search for “Google indic keyboard” to get the application, and go there.

2. Go to the settings and enable this keyboard. Select Language & Input from the drop-down menu under Settings. Now click on the pick keyboard by clicking on the current keyboard. Now, in the front of the Google indic keyboard, press on the enable icon and then on the ok button.

3. Open the Google indic keyboard application now. Swipe left to choose an input method, then click Google indic keyboard. mark the box that says “I accept” Next, click the button. Select a keyboard theme and click the Get Started button. Your app is now complete. So you open WhatsApp and click to type a message, and suddenly the keyboard appears.

4. Simply select the language option beside abc icon.

5. Now, select the language by clicking on the language change option here, then click on ok . You’ve just started typing. As you type -how to type in hindi in whatsapp this keyboard will automatically write it.

Now Hope you understand How you can change your whatsapp language as your choice or how you can type chat or messages in whatsapp different languages.

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