CEOs of big companies are also leaving WhatsApp, over 23 lakh people downloaded Signal in 4 days

Opposition to the new policy of WhatsApp continues. Angered by this, many companies are saying goodbye to this popular app. Its new policy, under which personal information can be taken, has started showing its effect. The special thing is that the new policy is benefiting its Rival a lot. More than 40 lakh new users have come on Signal and Telegram in just a few days.

Over 23 lakh downloads in 4 days (Over 23 lakh downloads in 4 days)

Just 4 days between 6 and 10 January Signal App was downloaded by over 23 lakh people. At the same time, over 16 lakh people have downloaded Telegram in these 4 days. The problem of WhatsApp can be that the download of this 4 days i.e. between 6 to 10 January has been reduced by 35 per cent. While WhatsApp recently made it clear that the change in policy will not affect the privacy of users.

Many CEOs and well-known businessmen did uninstall (Many CEOs and well-known businessmen uninstall)

The special thing is that not only ordinary people but also CEOs of many companies and well-known businessmen are calling this very popular app as ‘Tata’. Now let’s take a look at the well-known people who have stopped using WhatsApp. Sameer Nigam, CEO of PhonePe, informed on Twitter that, he and his employees have stopped using WhatsApp. Now they are all using Signal. Anand Mahindra, a businessman of the Mahindra group, has also stopped using WhatsApp. He also tweeted that he is using Signal except WhatsApp.

Advice not to use WhatsApp

Tata Sons businessman N. Chandrasekaran has also called WhatsApp as ‘Tata’. Apart from them, many executive of the group have also stopped using this app. At the same time Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma told his team people not to use this app for communication. This all happened after an appeal by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in which he had appealed to use the Signal messaging app. After his appeal, people all over the world started uninstalling WhatsApp.

WhatsApp had given a clarification

After a lot of controversy about the privacy policy of Facebook’s messaging service WhatsApp (WhatsApp) and the strictness of the government, it was clarified that the changes in the policy will not affect the privacy of the message. WhatsApp had also advertised on the front page of newspapers recently. On the other hand, social media users were targeting WhatsApp with these advertisements.

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