After the coup, the freedom of expression of people being snatched in Myanmar, temporary ban on Facebook

The new military government of Myanmar has imposed a temporary ban on Facebook amid resistance launched against military rule following a coup in the country. The social media platform Facebook is quite popular in Myanmar and the deposed government used to make most of the announcements on it. Users said that they started having trouble using Facebook late Wednesday night.

Mobile service provider ‘Telenor Myanmar confirmed in a statement that it had received instructions from the Ministry of Communications to temporarily shut down Facebook. He said he would abide by it, although he is also concerned about the move being a human rights violation.

A Facebook spokesperson said, “Telecom providers in Myanmar have been ordered to temporarily stop Facebook. We urge the authorities to restore service so that the people of Myanmar can contact their family and friends and access important information to them. ”

The army has taken over the reins of the country after a coup in Myanmar on Monday. State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi’s party said they have been placed under house arrest. The military says one reason for Aung San Suu Kyi’s removal of the elected civilian government was that it failed to properly investigate allegations of alleged widespread electoral irregularities.

She has announced that she will govern for a year under a state of emergency and then hold elections in which the winners will take over the government.

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